Part I - do we really know what can be done with our data and how it can be stolen?
even if your company is not based in the EU, this might come back to bite you
Part II - Four levels of measures you can apply that doesn't make you sound like a paranoid
and how it might have put people's lives in danger.
maybe it's the time to stop using your Starbucks as an office.
strengths, weaknesses and notes regarding a modern IT infrastructure design
A few takeaways from an action packed first half of year.
TL;DR it’s really hard to know.
It's a phishing paradise right now.
Cookies are on the way out, but the newer methods are no better.
We all know they’re useful, but they might be selling your data.
Last month was fruitful in Data Breaches and this time it went direct high-profile: Samsung lost personal data of an undetermined number of customers in…