India's GDPR is also taking shape and Discord fined $830k for GDPR "lapses"

November 2022

Cookies are on the way out, but the newer methods are no better.
Also: where did all the reject buttons come from?

October 2022

We all know they’re useful, but they might be selling your data.
Last month was fruitful in Data Breaches and this time it went direct high-profile: Samsung lost personal data of an undetermined number of customers in…
A faster way to keep on top of what’s going on in Cybersecurity and Privacy

September 2022

Plus: the silence of risk management victory and free web security resources.
strengths, weaknesses and notes regarding a modern IT infrastructure design

August 2022

It's a phishing paradise right now.
Plus: a few interesting things I read last month.

July 2022

even if your company is not based in the EU, this might come back to bite you
A few takeaways from an action packed first half of year.